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The name OTITO derives from the Yoruba word otitọ, which translates into "authenticity, truth, integrity". OTITO services are individually tailored to each client. We lead with integrity by focusing on what is authentic and true to you to achieve your desired goals.

Yewande Faloyin

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Founder | Executive Coach | Management Consultant

Human capital is the most underutilised & undervalued resource in the world. Investment in one’s success is going to be the biggest differentiator to lasting individual, business, and economic success in a world that is rapidly changing with increasing complexity and uncertainty.

OTITO provides executive coaching and management consulting services through its founder, Yewande Faloyin

Yewande helps leaders and businesses achieve success, working with them to reach their most important goals and tackle their biggest challenges. Reflected in the name otitọ, Yewande serves her clients from a place of authenticity, truth, and integrity. OTITO's five specialist areas are based directly on the experience and expertise she gained throughout her successful decade-long corporate career at McKinsey & Co. and Morgan Stanley, as well as in NED, company advisory, and governor positions she holds.

Yewande's style is client-driven, outcome-focused, structured, practical, and challenging. This enables her support and drive her clients to achieve their desired results quicker and more effectively than they could by themselves.

Relevant accomplishments showing evidence of Yewande's capabilities:

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