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legacy level



The 6-month private Leadership Accelerator
for leaders & high-achievers who want MORE SUCCESS
(without the overwhelm and the burnout)
Become the LEADER you want to be!
Create the IMPACT you know you are more than capable of!
the LEADER you want to be!


to our 6-month Leadership Accelerator Programme.

Created for you to LEAP into the life you truly want

by up-levelling their leadership skills, mindset, and performance.

Legacy-Level  Leadership is a curated Accelerator made up of successful business leaders and serial high-achievers accelerating to their next level of success! Our leaders achieve their most audacious ambitions and create the impact that they know they are beyond capable of, in this world. We do this through our unique combination of Leadership coaching, consulting, and expertise-based partnership.
Our programme is not about helping you become conventionally successful. You are already successful. You will always be successful! This bespoke programme was specifically designed to help you accelerate to new heights across all areas of your life by coaching you on how to LEAD yourself and others to help you achieve what you truly want out of life. Authentically, fearlessly, and confidently!

created and led by

Yewande Faloyin  



Yewande is a Certified Leadership Coach and Consultant, helping leaders and high-achievers to lead their lives more intentionally, thereby enabling them to create the success and impact they want in their lives, on their terms and with greater fulfilment and satisfaction

As a former McKinsey consultant and Morgan Stanley VP Yewande worked directly with C-Suite clients at FTSE 100 & Fortune 500 companies, as well as leading Hedge Funds, to deliver solutions on their most critical management, business, and professional challenges. 

Yewande brings her combined first-hand experience accelerating up the corporate ladder across 3 industries, as well as expertise gained coaching and consulting serving senior management to Legacy-Level Leadership

Excited to work with Yewande?
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  • A successful business leader who wants more in both your professional and personal life, but question whether you can really have both the way you want it (spoiler alert: you can!).
  • A consultant, founder, or financial professional ready to take that next big leap in your leadership - upwards, laterally, or outwards.
  • A “serial” high-achiever with an impressive, enviable CV. However, you know that you haven't even scratched the surface of what you are capable of achieving, but can't quite figure out what's missing.
  • An ambitious corporate professional whose success has come more from what you are capable of (which is a lot!) than what you truly want, what you're passionate about and what reflects the mark you want to leave on this world.
  • A top-performer in a high-pressured job, who wants to break the cycle of stress, overwhelm, and burnout, but without compromising on your aspirations​​.​​
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  • ​You know that what got you here won’t get you to where you want to go next… and at the very least, not as fast as you want to get there.
  • You are ready (!) to stop the cycle of what is not working and take control of your life and work. Where you are leading yourself and others in creating the life and business that you want, how you want.
  • You know that you are capable of achieving your life & leadership potential to having the impact that you want, but are either lacking the clarity, mindset, or strategy to create the type of success that you want.
  • You do not want to look back in another 6 months and wonder “What if?”
  • You are ready to take matters into your own hands and invest in creating the future you want…
... provided you can find a coach and expert who understands your unique background and has the skills and experience to partner with you!

You are ready for MORE!
You just want someone to guide you through the process of unlocking what's next!

We understand
your circumstances, pressures, and preferences

You are already extremely busy and want a programme you can integrate seamlessly into your life. 

You do not want (or need) a generic, unstructured programme that adds to the confusion & overwhelm. One run by well-meaning experts who just don’t speak your language or have direct experience excelling in high-pressured environments.

You want to work with strategic partners who understand the pressures of your position, as well as your goals and challenges. Partners who have created a tailor-made programme intentionally designed to accelerate people like you to success! And with a track record of doing so.

You know that people matter and that the people you surround yourself with on this journey have the ability to energise you to success or hold you back. (This is exactly why we chose to invite members on an application basis).

The great news: You are in the right place.
This is exactly what we specialise in!

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"I followed our strategy in the session and guess what, saw immediate! improvement. All of a sudden I can lay back and enjoy the outcome of my team :) Thanks a million!"

—  Poka Cui, Senior Consultant Project Lead, LEK

Clients at:


$1.5bn+ HEDGE FUND 


Ready to join like-minded leaders & high-achievers?
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Legacy Level Leadership


Led by Yewande Faloyin, we help leaders and high-achievers accelerate to their next level of success by partnering with them to authentically, fearlessly, and confidently take strategic actions without the overwhelm and burnout

Our Accelerator Programme is tailor-made around
you, your needs, and your preferences

Our Approach


We (Yewande!) love structure. No throwing spaghetti to see what sticks. Our clear, consistent structure will help you better integrate concpets.


Through coaching, we help you get to the heart of the issues. Not just to fix today's problem, but to prepare you to see all of tomorrow's solutions. 


Your journey is unique and so is how we engage with you. From diagnostics to Q&A sessions, you make the programme your own.


Knowledge without action is wasteful. We put in place accountability processes to keep you consistently moving forward and taking action.


Everything is connected. Whether professional or personal, strategic or tactical, we help you gain the clarity and confidence to take action. 


Expertise-based partnership is the name of the game. We partner with each of you to leverage all our strengths to create success, together!

What you get inside
the Legacy Level Leadership Accelerator

Simple Assessments for a Focused, Customised Plan

Access simple assessments at key stages of the programme to focus your development and progress for accelerated growth.

Training in the 5 Core Pillars of  Leadership used by inspiring Leaders

Yewande teaches you key concepts mastered by the most successful senior leaders and taught at McKinsey.

Leadership Mindset and Performance Coaching to Accelerate your Development

Our clients don't just learn how to lead, but how to amplify their leadership potential with a strong mindset, leading at peak performance.

Personalised Leadership Mindset Diagnostic to Jumpstart your Transformation

 Yewande's Fav, which provides insights that have been described as getting “90 days of high-level leadership coaching in 90 minutes".

Peer Implementation, Q&A, & Brainstorming  Workshops for Accountability

Our implementation workshops are designed to move you to action. Whether through setting and reviewing actions in between sessions or practising concepts with your peers.

Partnership with Like-minded Leaders & High-Achievers for Support

Your partnership with fellow members will propel you to success - through partnership & access, expertise-sharing, and support. 

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Ready to leap to your next level of leadership and get MORE out of life?

YOUR Leadership Matters &

YOUR next level of success is just around the corner!

Training in the 5 Core Pillars of
Legacy Level Leadership

Our impactful training methodology combining

distinctive leadership attributes developed by McKinsey consultants and

Energy Leadership amplifying principles to accelerate that development. 


Here's a little more about
Yewande Faloyin, our Founder + CEO

Yewande Faloyin


Yewande’s superpower is in helping audaciously ambitious leaders and high-achievers accelerate to their next level of success by partnering with them to authentically, fearlessly, and confidently take strategic actions.

Yewande does not believe that leadership comes in any one form, but that what makes a leader exceptional lies in how well they lead. ​Yewande also believes in the power of AND. When asked if she wants “x or y”, she chooses “x and y” because she knows this is possible - it's just a matter of finding and prioritising the solution that works for you. 


Both of these beliefs are a reflection of her experience and background. As a Certified Leadership Coach, Yewande's expertise lies in helping her clients create real sustainable transformations in their lives, starting with transforming their mindsets. As an alumnus of McKinsey (the premier management consulting firm in the world, which Forbes describes as the “CEO-Factory), she is a naturally structured, and focused problem-solver, having had to solve extremely challenging, business-critical problems for her C-Suite clients. She did this leading high-performing teams and

individuals in extremely high-pressured environments. She was also an ex-Morgan Stanley VP. This combination of direct leadership experience, experience creating solutions for CEOs and experience coaching CEOs gives Yewande the edge in terms of her ability to not just understand what clients need but provide the mix of skills to help them achieve it. 


Yewande's adaptability, agility, and ability to create magic from a combination of skills, while still staying grounded in a firm foundation, isn't a surprise, given her unique background, having grown up across three continents. 

Yewande is

  • an experienced leader with an accelerated 11+ year climb up corporate at the most sought-after companies in the world - McKinsey consultant and Morgan Stanley VP

  • a C-Suite client counsellor & consultant, solving the most challenging business decisions for FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies across Europe, Africa, and America

  • a Certified Leadership Coach for leaders and high-achievers in the most high-pressured industries, with clients all the way up to the C-Suite, including the CEO of a £1.2bn Hedge Fund and his team, as well as Executive MBA candidates

  • trusted by senior people with experience interviewing the likes of the previous Chief Medical Officer of the UK

  • a Certified Leadership Coach, ELI-MP, Performance Coach and yoga instructor (why not, right?)

Excited to work with Yewande & Team?

Why do tomorrow what you know you want to do today?

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that there is no time like the present because we have no idea what tomorrow will bring. Whatever action you choose to take - take it because your potential to create something magical is totally within you! If your action is to join us to support you on your journey, let’s do this!… or if you're not quite sure, let's chat and figure it out together.

Join Yewande, the OTITỌteam,

& your fellow leaders & high-achievers

to start accelerating to your next level of leadership success


Yolande Degbey.jpeg

"I was at a crossroads... Yewande helped me see things from a different perspective, rebuild my confidence and take bold actions in line with my values and who I am. I wasn't expecting such a drastic change in such a short period of time. I would highly recommend Yewande’s professional services to anyone who is looking to develop their professional and personal life/career."

—  Yolande Degbey, Procurement Manager at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

If you're ready to choose CONFIDENCE & SUCCESS over burnout, overwhelm, and just dreaming about the impact you know you are capable of ...

Your Investment in You


* 6-month Payment Plan
& Corporate Sponsorship
options available

Questions? The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How!

  1. Who is this program for? This program is for ambitious entrepreneurial leaders and serial high-achievers who want to accelerate to their next level of success by up-levelling their leadership skills, mindset, and performance.  

  2. I’m so busy. How much time do I need to see results? At OTITỌ we specialise in working with extremely busy leaders and high-achievers. Yewande and the coaches she brings in all have experience working in high-pressure, fast-paced environments, as well as coaching people like you. This is an Accelerator. It is designed for you to see results quickly by using strategic techniques and diagnostics that help you quickly work out the core of your challenges, integrate it into your life, and amplify your performance, without the overwhelm and without the burnout. We teach you to lead by working smarter, not harder!
    Having said that, this is a partnership. We will bring our 100% every day and we expect the same of our clients. Do the work and we have no doubt you will see the results!

  3. I'm ready to invest now! Why can't I just pay and get in? First, a significant part of the programme that will enable you to propel yourself to success will come from the partnership, access, and expertise of other members. Therefore, we take pride in ensuring the integrity and success of the programme by curating our members. Second, this is a 6-month investment. It is important that we get to know each other and confirm fit to ensure this is the right partnership for us all. Finally, we only have a limited number of members we invite to each cohort. Know this is right for you? Apply now to join us in April.

  4. Does this program cover all aspects of Leadership? Yes. While we have a set programme on the core pillars that will help you accelerate, we understand there are nuances within that and that Leadership shows up in lots of different areas. We create space and time to really dig into the areas that you are challenged by so that we can help you become the leader you want to be. 

  5. How will we meet? Virtually, to remove access and location limitations. Although there may be opportunities for F2F meetings in the future. 

  6. I'm not sure whether I'm the type of leader that you work with. Am I a good fit? Only one way to find out! Apply today and let's get on a call to find out.  

  7. How much time will it take to get through the programme? This is a 6-month programme.  

  8. What now? Apply today and let's chat about how we can help you.  



"Yewande has provided excellent support for our MBA students pursuing careers in consulting and finance. Her presentation style is highly engaging and professional and she brings a wealth of knowledge from her background in the consulting and finance sectors that she conveys in a practical and relevant way. Students have found her sessions invaluable."

—  Ceri Willmott, Director of Careers Consulting & Professional Development, Imperial College Business School

Still with us? Let's get on a call to see you're a good fit for our next cohort!
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