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15 ideas to keep your energy consistently at optimum level

What is your current strategy for staying continuously energised?

Living for the weekends? Looking forward to your upcoming holiday? Or maybe just hoping and praying that you get through the next few weeks without burning out?

While many people rely on the above tactics, they aren’t ideal or sustainable. Instead of holding off for the occasional moment to retreat and recharge, why not try boosting your energy regularly to reinvigorate, excite and keep you at your best all the time. This strategy makes sense, right? So why don’t more people do it?

  1. We often aren’t aware of what specific strategies work for us. Instead, we try the latest fad out there, love it for 2 days and then quit once we get bored, tired, or unmotivated.

  2. We bite off more than we can chew in the hope of being perfect, instead of just making continuous progress.

Let’s take some inspiration from Popeye. He understands what works for him - Spinach! And he doesn’t try to overload himself on Spinach (or veggies) but instead carries a can around with him to boost his energy as and when he needs it.

What's your spinach?

Figuring out the ideal way to boost your unique energy is about connecting to and practicing the things that you know boost your energy - it’s as simple as that.

Here’s a simple exercise to start to identify your unique energy boosters: Think about a time when you felt 100% energised. Fully engaged in life and feeling like you could conquer the world. When you felt physically strong, mentally focused, excited about life, and totally connected what you were doing. What was it about how you were living at that time that gave you that energy? Pick up to 3 specific, concrete things that you were doing that energised you and commit to doing it/them consistently over the next 2 weeks.

Tip: you can always add more as you go, but it’s more effective to start slowly and meet your commitments than to overcommit and lose momentum due to disappointment. For example, maybe you were running for 60 minutes 5 times a week and now you’re down to 0 minutes 5 times a week. Set yourself up for success by starting with an achievable target: Maybe 30 minutes three times a week. Or a 5-minute walk daily. Connect with what works for you to successfully rebuild your momentum.

Stuck for ideas? Here are 15 simple actions you can start doing today to boost your energy to consistently stay at your optimum level. Pick up to 3 that you know you can commit to doing continuously over the next 2 weeks. And if you find something doesn’t work, switch it up. This is about building positive energy and experiencing the impact it has across all areas of your life.

Feel strong in your body by boosting your physical energy

  1. Commit to getting into bed (lying down, nice and snug) 15-30 minutes earlier than usual, with all screens off and far away.

  2. Choose to replace at least one sugary snack daily with a healthier option, e.g. instead of a fizzy orange drink, eat an orange.

  3. Prioritise doing an exercise that you genuinely enjoy daily, for as long as you enjoy it, even if its just 5 minutes. It’s the consistency that creates impact.

Feel creative and connected to who you are by boosting your spiritual energy

  1. Block out at least 5 minutes daily to do something creative that you enjoy, e.g. draw a picture, try freewriting, or build lego.

  2. Write 3 of your top values (e.g. authenticity, cooperation, and freedom) and look for at least 1 opportunity to live one of your values every day.

Feel happy, excited, and passionate about life by boosting your emotional energy

  1. Start your day playing (and maybe dancing to) music that embodies how you want to feel that day. Try Walking on Sunshine for energy or Superwoman for power.

  2. Watch a show that makes you feel how you want to feel. Maybe old I Love Lucy episodes for silliness or Queer Eye to feel inspired and warm.

  3. Play a game.

Have a clear and focused mind by boosting your mental energy

  1. Try 5 minutes of focused meditation. Tip: if you don’t enjoy close-eyed meditation, try eyes open and focused on a specific object (e.g. a marble or painting) and your breath.

  2. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, get out a notepad and pen (yes, old school!) and write a list of everything on your mind. Close the book and put it aside.

  3. Play a memory game. Elevate has a lot of great ones.

Feel connected to people who matter by boosting your social energy

  1. Name 3 people who energise you. Commit to connecting with each person at least twice over the next couple of weeks.

Feel energised in your space by boosting your environmental energy

  1. Take a walk outside, as close to nature as you can. If that’s difficult, sit by a window.

  2. Notice what isn’t working for you in your environment (e.g. uncomfortable chair, lack of ventilation, distracting noises) and see what you can do to change it (e.g. change your position, open the windows, listen to music).

  3. Leave at least 15 minutes free in between work meetings to pause, take a break, and walk around.


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