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We match experienced professionals with the ideal certified coach to help them fast-track their careers
(without endless chemistry calls!).
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Is your career moving in the direction and at the speed you want?

Do you need to develop your skillsets and mindsets for the next level?

Do you need help finally moving from burnout to balance?

We are a Coaching Company
with a

We provide experienced professionals with executive-level coaching, without the executive-level price tag. 


The Twist? Our consultative approach, starting with our proprietary Coach Matchmaker.


Why? Because life is too short for you to spend hours trying to decipher 20 different coach profiles and for us to spend working with clients who just aren’t the right fit.

No wasting time, resources, and energy trying to figure out the wonderful (yet somewhat confusing) world of coaching. Yewande and her team partner with you from the very beginning to set you up for success, starting with our complimentary Coach Matchmaker that helps you answer the first and most important question - Is coaching even right for you? (warning: the answer might be “No!”). 

Our unique approach is led by our Founder & CEO, Yewande Faloyin, drawing from her decades of experience as a business advisor, McKinsey consultant, and Morgan Stanley alum.

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Alexandre Martinez

"Yewande is one in a million & distinctive in at least two ways. First, she drives teams and organisations to real solutions quickly, so you can see a very clear difference between the before and after.  Second, the ‘how’ matters as much as the ‘what’: Yewande is gifted at working with others and bringing the best in each team member"

—  Alexandre Martinez, Global Director of Learning & Leadership Development, McKinsey & Co


With us, you get:

Help to find your ideal solution

Myth: Coaching is the answer to all your problems.

One of the biggest causes of poor results is picking the wrong type of support! That is why our first job is to help you confirm whether coaching is even right for you... and whether coaching with us is right. If not, no worries - we'll let you know  (after all, 
otitọ means "truth" in Yoruba) and suggest alternative options.

Executive-Level Coaching without the Executive-Level price tag

The cost of coaching shouldn't be prohibitive - why should Executives and elite athletes have all the fun? :). Nor should it be a never-ending subscription (this isn't Netflix). Our goal-focused, ROI-driven approach means you get the biggest bang for your buck. Whether in 1 session or 12, our affordable and flexible packages ensure our clients achieve long-lasting success efficiently and effectively.

Tools to measure & maximise your success

You can take the consultant out of McKinsey, but you can't take McKinsey out of the consultant. We use a research-backed mindset assessment, leadership tools, and goal-setting questions to fast-track your results and measure your success.


Get a Personalised Package based on your specific goals, budget, and timelines!

Propel forward in 1 - 2 sessions
Get clarity, make a strategic decision, and take a confident next step forward that will help propel you in the right direction.
"I was at a crossroads... Yewande helped me see things from a different perspective, rebuild my confidence and take bold actions in line with my values and who I am. I wasn't expecting such a drastic change in just one session."
Yolande Degbey.jpeg
Yolande Degbey
Procurement Manager
Médecins Sans Frontières
Planning & accountability in 3 - 5 sessions
Get support & thought partnerships to create a strategic plan and start taking action towards success.
"I came to learn strategies to be a better manager, but [OTITỌ's] strategy to approach my whole self helped me become a better person outside of work as well. The lessons I learned could be applied with my team, but also with my managers, my family, and my partner."
Ellie Frymire
Head of Development
Tech Start-up
Leadership & Career Development in 6 - 9 sessions
Achieve a big career goal & want to develop leadership skillsets & mindsets that will make the difference, with high accountability.
"[OTITỌ] has significantly helped me to become a better leader in my organisation with energy leadership and learning novel methods of approaching challenging scenarios. "
Ioannis Psallidas
Global Clinical Head, Respiratory & Immunology, AstraZeneca
Professional Transformation in 10 - 12 sessions
Achieve major professional transformation & mindset shifts to secure a next-level position, move into a new industry or start your own business
"Working with Yewande has been a game-changer for me. She has been my sounding board by asking the right questions and helping me challenge my assumptions and limiting beliefs. Her focus on true values, vision and beliefs and following through with concrete actions has helped me with uncertainty. She is passionate about understanding her clients and their truths and using that to bring out their best selves. The experience has been rewarding and transformational."
Eman Al Sabah
Senior Associate
McKinsey & Company





Our Certified Coaches
Our coaches know what they are doing! 
(and have the certifications & business experience to prove it.)

Coaching is an unregulated industry so due diligence is critical. As always - we've got you! Every
OTITỌ coach is a triple threat with i) meaningful business experience ii) hundreds of hours of training & coaching, and iii) an infectious, inspiring energy.
[PROSPECT]'s Personalised Package (1).png
Charlotte specialises in helping driven, ambitious, hyper-achievers thrive through transitions but cutting through the noise and dropping limiting patterns getting in the way.
With his 20+ years of corporate experience, Justin helps busy professionals develop leadership skills and build resilience to break the burnout cycles once and for all.
Milena empowers her clients to intentionally create high-impact relationships that breed success. She truly shines when working with new entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs. 
Sarah magic? - Helping middle managers who want more transform their careers & realise their full potential. Her experience? - Leading a team of 200+!
Sascha Headshot_edited.jpg
Sascha brings his professional sports & corporate background to help his high-achieving clients feel in control & thrive in high-pressure environments.
Our Coaches

Achieve your Goals with
ease, focus, and confidence.

We'll help you effortlessly achieve your professional goals by setting you up for success at every stage
From deciding whether coaching is right for you...
... to selecting the right coach & package for your needs.
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Got a different question? Ask us here.

Do I need a coach or a mentor?

It depends on two things: 1. What you're trying to achieve; 2. What's getting in your way. A coach is an impartial, objective expert who is trained in techniques for helping you achieve your most challenging goals. An experienced professional coach understands how to help you break through long-held challenges to achieve more than you ever have. A mentor is someone who has achieved something that you want and shares their experience to help inspire yours. They are not trained and may not be impartial but can provide valuable insights and perspectives based on their unique experience.

What is the difference between professional coaching (e.g. executive, career, leadership) and life coaching?

Professional Coaching focuses on helping you achieve success in your professional life. On the other hand, Life Coaching generally focuses on one's non-professional life. However, while we like to compartmentalise our lives, it is all integrated. An experienced coach will have the skills to support you across all areas of your life to enhance your results. The most suitable option for you depends on what your priority goals and challenges are. If your priority goal or challenge is to improve your leadership skills, manage the challenges of executive life, navigate your career, or deal with workplace burnout, then Professional Coaching is probably the way to go. If your priority focus is on marital challenges, improving your parental skills, or other non-work-related goals, then life coaching is probably more appropriate.

Isn't expensive, high-quality coaches just for executives and elite athletes?

No. That's why we're here! Next question ;)


Do I need a coach or something else?

It depends on what you're trying to achieve. Our (free) Coach Matchmaker tool will help you figure this out pretty quickly. Scroll up to the intro video it out.

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