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Lead Smarter,
Not Harder

We help leaders manage their energy for a direct business impact
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Are you leading growth
at the pace and scale you need?

Does your time invested
get you the results you want?

Are your people
delivering on your mission?

We are an Executive Leadership Coaching company.

Led by
Business advisor
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Yewande Faloyin
Founder & CEO
McKinsey alum
certified PCC coach
We use pattern-breaking techniques (you know… stop doing what’s not working, replace it with what is) to help Founders & CEOs leap from what you’ve been trained to do to the business impact you want to accomplish… all without burning out.


Alexandre Martinez

"Yewande is one in a million & distinctive in at least two ways. First, she drives teams and organisations to real solutions quickly, so you can see a very clear difference between the before and after.  Second, the ‘how’ matters as much as the ‘what’: Yewande is gifted at working with others and bringing the best in each team member"

—  Alexandre Martinez, Global Director of Learning & Leadership Development, McKinsey & Co

Our Signature Solutions

CEO Optimiser

for You
Increase your ROI!
Instead of hustling and burning out, create business impact, growth, and results more effortlessly,

Executive Growth Catalyst

for your Execs
Whether you’re bringing in senior executives or promoting high-potentials, invest in your most valuable assets. Turn your individual superstars into a world-class Leadership Unit.

Growth Catalyst

for your Managers
Transform your high-potentials into high-impact growth drivers who are motivated and capable of meeting your hyper-growth targets.

With us, you get:

Tools to measure & maximise your success. You can take the founder out of McKinsey, but you can't take McKinsey out of the founder. We use a research-backed mindset assessment and leadership tools to fast-track your results and measure your success.
Honest, transparent advice from day 1.
We aren't for every leader. And not every coaching company is for you. In our first conversation, we will agree if we are a fit. If not, no worries - we'll let you know  (after all, otitọ, means "truth" in Yoruba) and suggest alternative options.
A team of certified coaches. Our diverse & experienced team of OTITỌ Coaches means we’ve always got you covered! - whether that be 1-on-1 and group coaching, or workshops and facilitation.

What got you here
won’t get you to the next level.

We'll help you lead from a place of strength (and energy!). 
Not just for today, but sustainably into the next level of your business... and the next... and the next.
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Create Business Impact.

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Every week, we help you manage your energy and strengthen your leadership skills for a direct business impact.

Strong leadership. Strong mindset. Strong team. Means...
Strong results!

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