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Our Company & Founder

We lead with integrity & authenticity 

OTITỌ services are individually tailored to each client. Inspired by our company name, OTITỌ (a Yoruba word that means "truth, integrity, honesty"), we lead with integrity by focusing on what is authentic and true to you to help you accelerate towards your desired goals and tackle your greatest challenges. 



/ OH-ti-tUH /

truth, integrity, honesty

Certified Leadership Coach, Consultant, Speaker and McKinsey Alumnus


Yewande Faloyin, Founder & CEO of OTITỌ, Yewande is a Certified Coach, with a corporate background in consulting, finance, and technology. Prior to founding  OTITỌ, she held leadership positions at McKinsey & Company and Morgan Stanley, leading multi-disciplinary teams to deliver business-critical solutions to senior clients. This passion and aptitude for helping organisations and leaders solve their most difficult problems and experiencing, first hand, the power of leadership in achieving significant success led to her founding OTITỌ.

As a British-Nigerian woman, Yewande was blessed to experience the benefits of a fulfilling childhood, growing up across 4 countries on 3 continents. Her solid education led to her gaining admission to Imperial College London, a world-leading science & technology university. After graduating from Imperial College with a Computing degree, Yewande started her career as a software developer at Morgan Stanley, developing bespoke financial solutions for the bank's clients. She quickly advanced into the bank's Prime Brokerage department and as a Vice President took on the responsibility of delivering solutions to multi-billion-dollar Hedge Fund clients across Europe and Asia. From Morgan Stanley, she joined McKinsey & Company as a consultant, advising C-Suite clients on management-critical strategic problems. She took on the opportunity to do more of the work she loved, primarily focusing on digital, healthcare, and banking engagements across Africa and Europe, and ended her tenure at the firm as a Global Digital McKinsey Learning Manager.  

Through this unique and diverse upbringing, she learnt that leadership does not come in any one form, but that what makes a leader exceptional lies in their uniqueness and ability to step into their greatness. This underlying belief led to her founding OTITỌ, where she helps her clients discover their unique strengths and use it to their advantage. She does this through her work as a leadership coach, consultant, and speaker, as well as in strategic advisory positions across public, private, and social sector organisations.

The Highlights

International background

  • Grew up across 4 countries on 3 continents

CEO and Founder of OTITỌ

  • Coach and consult senior leaders in high-pressure industries, including consulting, finance, and technology

  • Clients in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East 

Certified Leadership Coach

  • Specialise in Leadership, Performance and Transition coaching 

McKinsey Alumnus

  • Advised & coached C-Suite clients on management-critical strategic problems

  • Led multi-disciplinary, high-performing teams to deliver business-critical solutions in high-pressured environments

Morgan Stanley Alumnus

  • Prime Brokerage VP

  • Delivered business solutions to multi-billion-dollar Hedge Funds across EMEA

NED & Strategic Adviser

  • NED of MedicineAfrica

  • Strategy & Product advisor for Nye Health

  • Governor at Sarah Bonnel School

Imperial College Graduate

  • First-class Computing (AI) degree

Client Impact Stories


Led a multi-disciplinary team to recommend and launch a brand-new digital business for the CEO of a Top 5 UK bank's commercial division. First product in customers' hands in just 14 weeks and showcased at the bank's Top 120 leaders forum.


Alexandre Martinez

"Yewande is one in a million & distinctive in at least two ways. First, she drives teams and organisations to real solutions quickly, so you can see a very clear difference between the before and after.  Second, the ‘how’ matters as much as the ‘what’: Yewande is gifted at working with others and bringing the best in each team member"

—  Alexandre Martinez, Global Director of Learning & Leadership Development, McKinsey & Co

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