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Businesses and Start-Ups

Gain competitive advantage through your Strategy and People

​Our business partners maintain a competitive advantage by realising value through their Strategy, People, and Products.

The most successful organisations in the world prioritise creating diverse groups of high-performing individuals who are skilled at working effectively together. We help organisations develop effective teams. We transform a disconnected group of individuals, into an efficient and effective single unit that maximises their diverse thoughts, strengths, and experiences to create value for your business.

Clients calls us when they want help with...

Strategic Competitive Advantage

  • Gain a competitive advantage and outperform your peers by creating a strategy that leverages your unique business and people strengths.

  • Create an effective implementation that identifies quick, impactful wins in the short-term and sustainable, lasting impact in the long-term

  • Thrive in an increasingly complex and uncertain market with a balance of stability and agility

Inclusive Leadership Development

  • Develop leaders who

    • create an environment that uses diversity of thought, experiences, background, and skills as a competitive advantage that creates value for your company

    • inspire and motivate their people to deliver in high-paced, high-pressure environments

    • bring out the best in their diverse teams, both individually and collectively

Cohesive Team Excellence

  • Transform a disconnected group of individuals, into an efficient and effective single unit

  • Create business value with happier, more cohesive, innovative teams

  • Develop people who communicate better, resolve conflicts efficiently, and leverage individual & collective strengths to succeed

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"I'd strongly recommend Yewande to anyone looking to raise their game! She is top notch! Yewande supports our company with strategic planning and product management expertise. With Yewande's help, in just a couple hours we were able to achieve clarity on a B2B growth strategy and identify specific actions to help us scale. When working with Yewande, our team finds we quickly get to valuable insights and advice, given her balance of being a great listener, personal experience in the space and pragmatic advice. "

—  Imran Mahmud, MD MPH, Co-founder, Nye Health

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Our Approach | How we work

Bespoke Client Programmes, based on Needs & a Proven Approach

​Every one of our clients is unique. Therefore every programme we develop is bespoke to each client's unique needs. We partner closely with our clients, mixing our various modalities  Our programmes are based on our proven 5-pillar approach that creates significant, lasting success, fulfilment and satisfaction for our clients


1-on-1 Coaching
Team & Group Coaching

Every coaching engagement kicks-off with a

​Complimentary Leadership Mindset Diagnostic

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